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Once you pull your head out of your butt you will come to realize that you don’t have to drop $1000 a month on webcams to have a good time. Not when sites like Sex Tube 32 are making their videos available to the public for free. Sure they are prerecorded and lack the attention you get when you have a live cam slut on the other end of a cam 2 cam session. But this is 100% money saving tech here!

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If you were to ask anybody who knew BustyEllie back in school if she was sex cam material they would have laughed at you. Shit, she would have laughed at you. But things being the way they are that is just what she has become. Guys cannot get enough of this chunky webcam girl. They love how she is so sensual and ready to tease. You won’t find a more personable babe in the webcam world.

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Why Live Porno is the Future of Adult Entertainment

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If you’re looking at the online adult entertainment industry, you’re looking at a work in progress. As the old saying goes, the only constant in life is change. We’re always changing, the way we look at the world is changing, and the way we do business is changing. This applies to all industries at all times, and this is definitely true with the online adult entertainment industry. Things that used to work and make a lot of money ten years ago no longer work now.

In fact, it used to be very easy to make money with online porn. You only need to put up a website and jerk people around by having them click a huge number of link, and eventually somebody would click on an ad. For every ad click you get, you get paid up to twenty-five cents. It is no surprise that there were a lot of millionaires made in the online porn industry before 2001.

In 2001, there was a major change in the industry. People started moving away from circle jerks because a lot of consumers are finally wise to the old tricks. At that time, they were offering full galleries of pictures. Movies were few and far between. A few years after that, big movie clips were available. These are called movie galleries.

What truly destroyed the old model was the rise of the tube site. These are online porn sites that offer full-length scenes. There was really no incentive left to pay for adult entertainment. Unless you’re an idiot, there’s really no need to a buy porn because it’s absolutely free. It doesn’t matter which performer you’re trying to follow. There will be full video clips of that performer available somewhere at some time.

This has put a lot of pressure on the online adult entertainment industry. This is a multibillion-dollar industry that’s estimated to be worth over $50 billion every single year. To combat the losses due to the widespread theft and sharing of canned or pre-programmed porn, the industry has moved boldly into live porn. These are webcams where couples do what you want them to do. These are also webcams where solo performers do the things that you want them to do.

A lot of people are saying that this is the future of online adult entertainment. I tend to agree with them. Here are the reasons why.

It is hard to steal an experience

When you join a webcam site, you are paying for experience. You are paying for a one-on-one experience that is special only for that time. In other words, it’s just between you and the performer.

This is very hard to steal because it cannot be canned or pre-programmed. That was the weakness of the previous business models for online adult entertainment. Once you get a copy of that DVD and share it online, you’ve essentially stolen the value of that content.

Recorded cam shows don’t deliver the same experience as live shows

A lot of thieves try to work around the live experience model by simply recording their interaction with the webcam model. It doesn’t feel the same as seeing porn live. Recorded cam shows don’t deliver the same experience as live shows. Not surprisingly, most guys still prefer a live experience. This is a good thing because this preserves the profits of online adult entertainment companies.

Each and every show is different

This is the primary reason why live porn will remain the model for online adult entertainment for a long time to come. When you watch a show with a performer or a couple of performers, each and every show is different. The show that you’re watching now is very different that took place a couple of weeks ago. Why the difference?

Audience interaction. Audience members send signals to the performers, and this energizes the performers or depresses them. It’s this interaction that is very hard to replicate. It’s this interaction that you’re really paying for. It is no surprise that hardcore webcam addicts continue to come back again and again to pay tips to the performers because each and every performance is different.

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Some girls were made for porn and by golly if the curvaceous betty above isn’t one of them. Her juggs are ginormous and she loves showing them off. So much so that she was flashing them, playing with them, teasing her nipples and rubbing lotion into them for $10 in tips. A little later in her show she began showing us her pussy. What a cute little pussy she has. Very pink, very wet and very tight. Though she did loosen it up with a big fat dildo. That cost us another $50 in tips. But here is the thing, I didn’t have to pay shit!

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Having cyber-sex with somebody over the internet is a great way to play around without breaking any rules. While there are plenty of hot babes out there to cyber with none of them can match the sheer beauty of the Cybergirls on Playboy Plus!

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Only one webcam network has top models like Miley Marie available for you to have XXX chat sex with at all times of the day or night. The network is Cam With Her and they are doing things very different when compared with the usual suspects in the adult cam industry.

To switch things up Cam With Her does not employ just any cam girls. To make it onto the site a girl has to be considered a hottie. Most of the girls on the site have been working in professional modeling for years. Many have some pretty impressive portfolios. All of them have sexy galleries so you can dream of them even when they are offline.

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Most adult webcam networks have free chat, but it is boring. The girls don’t do anything worth mentioning in their free chat windows and force you to take them private to the tune of $2.99 per minute or more if you want to see them naked. That is NOT how Chaturbate does things. They give you access for free and there are no private chats so you will never get left out while others are enjoying the good stuff.

Chaturbate is changing how free sex chat works. Other sites are slowly trying to copy certain aspects of their site, but none of them can match the quality of the cams, the quality of the girls and deliver true sex at no cost.

Tips are encouraged, but completely optional. Girls will chat with free members in between shows, but they only perform requests for guys who are tipping them. You can get tokens really cheap and it is a good idea to always have 1 token in your account so that you can bypass restrictions.

As always, though, the actual nude chat shows are always free to watch!

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